Writing about yourself isn't an easy thing to do.

Writing a resume covering your past employment, your skills and making yourself look great is even harder.

Make your resume one they can't put down by following some of these helpful tips:

Be honest in your resume. When you have your interview, your true personality and experience will come out. Instead of building yourself up into something you're not, work with keywords and phrases that will emphasize your talents and make you look like a million bucks.

Make it easy on the eyes.The format of your resume will make or break you as well. Make sure it is easy to read and eye-catching. When you quickly glance at it- does something catch your attention or is it all mish-mashed together? AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES DON'T USE ALL CAPS OR BOLD OR UNDERLINED FONTS.

Do not list references. Again, I repeat DO NOT list references in a resume. The hiring manager is not concerned with people that can tell them how wonderful you are. They are interested in what you tell them in the interview. You should however always include a phrase in either the bottom of your resume or in your cover letter that references can be furnished upon request. But, please do yourself a favor and keep references out of YOUR documents!

How many pages? Well, I think this should be the question of the century. Your resume should be of an appropriate length considering your past experience, but with that said, keep your experience to the past 10 years. 1 or 2 pages is very usual and standard. If your resume is more than 2 pages, chances are the hiring manager is not going to be interested.

Don't talk about your hobbies and favorite things. I love my pets too, but I am not going to share all of Fluffy's details with my potential employer. They are simply not interested in things like your favorite sports, hobbies, or that you won Homecoming Queen back in high school. Keep all of that to yourself and just stick with your employment facts.

If you Graduated High School.... More than 10 years ago, the hiring manager doesn't care. Obviously you have been successful and have worked since then. They don't need to spend their time reading your high school  GPA, and all the scholarships you received to go to college.

Provide easy to find contact details. Your employer will appreciate all your contact details so that they can get a hold of you as they need to. Feel free to include your address, phone number and email address. And if you have a crazy fun email address like heygoodlookin@yahoo.com, fairygoddess@gmail.com or Iluvmykitty@hotmail, get yourself another email address to be used on your resume that appears more grown up and professional

Your resume is YOU- in paper form. With a well prepared and professional resume, you will have a great chance at the job you want. All the Best!